How to Close Kotak 811 Account- Step by Step Guide

Banking, just a decade ago, was confined to a few brick and mortar buildings. Not anymore, with the emphasis on digital mode of transactions and ease of remote banking, the bank has literally come to your doorstep. Kotak Mahindra Bank is one of the leaders in this direction. With a focus on virtual banking, it has launched 811 mode of digital banking. If you have opened an account under Kotak 811 scheme and looking for ways to close it, we are here to assist you.

Kotak 811 Account

Why Close Kotak 811 account?

Well, if you already have an account in a bank – whether a PSU one or a private one, you won’t need an additional account. We do not think Kotak provides any extra features that the other banks don’t.

And if you have no bank account, it may be a good idea to opt for Kotak 811, but is it really practical? There are few features we found not favorable for an average person opting for banking services.

  • It has debit charges for almost every transaction. Cash Deposits and withdrawals are charged.
  • If you want a physical card, you would be charged for the same.
  • The basic accounts under Kotak 811 have a lot of limitations on cash deposits and withdrawals.
  • ATM transactions are not free, beyond predetermined numbers per calendar month.
  • You would need an internet connection or WiFi for completing your transactions. What if you are deprived of both for some reason?

How To Close Kotak 811 Account

It is not as easy as it would take to open your 811 account! Yes, you would need to visit your local Kotak Mahindra Bank for completing the task. Here are the steps involved –

  • Visit the Kotak Bank branch. Usually, it should be a branch located closer to you, but make sure which branch does your App suggest.
  • Ask the personnel at the branch for the closure of your account.
  • You would be given an Account Closure Form.
  • Fill up the Closure form.
  • Attach the ID. It can be anyone from the list of approved documents. In most cases, AADHAR card should be sufficient.
  • Return any of the documents or bank properties. That would include cheques/ checkbooks, Physical debit card or any similar instruments.

That would be what you should do on your personal level for closing your Kotak 811 account. Ideally, your account should be closed within a period of 2 to 3 working days. However, be ready to expect a delay.

If you are closing the account within a period of 6 months of opening the account, you would need to pay penal charges for the same. The charges would be around Rs. 600. Confirm the exact amount from your local branch. An account closed beyond 6 months would not attract any charges.

The Parting Thoughts

Well, be ready to face a few hindrances. It should be obvious that the bank will not be ready to lose a customer. Moreover, you would not be able give reasons like relocation as in the case of physical branches. Be ready with your firm reasons for closing your account.

And yes, remember taking down the phone number and reference number for further communication. It may take more days than what was officially communicated to you.

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