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Mutual funds are here to stay. Picking a mutual may not be a tough task for you, but managing and controlling them can be a little troublesome. Have you picked the right scheme? That is the most persistent question you would ever keep asking yourself. That is exactly why we stress the need for an expert while taking your financial decisions. No matter whether it is for the sake of opting for Mutual Funds or any other financial needs you may have, ensure that you never shy away from seeking professional help. When it comes to Mutual Funds – one of the choices you can go with is Upwardly. How helpful is it in taking your decisions? We have presented the same in this detailed Upwardly Review.

What is Upwardly?

Upwardly Review
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Well, you must have guessed it already. Upwardly is a mutual fund investment service. What makes them a good option for your decision-making companion? Well, they let you invest in the best mutual funds in India.

Upwardly is a service that specializes in offering you suggestions for the mutual funds with high returns. It has earned a name for itself – thanks to the ability to help you invest in low-risk funds, balanced funds, and other equity funds that specialize in a diversified portfolio. What’s more, you can make a start with just Rs. 500 and check how it works for you.

Why invest with Upwardly?

Well, there are a few reasons and features that would go in favor of Upwardly. The company is registered with AMFI as mutual fund distributor and SEBI as an investment advisor.

Partnership with BSE Payment Gateway thereby making your investments and payments secure with bank-level security features. They offer the services primarily through the online platform but do come with the investment counselors who would guide you through the process by means of phone calls.

The functionality of the tool remains quite simple – just let the Upwardly team know about what you want to achieve with the mutual fund investment and you will get personalized financial solutions to achieve those objectives.

Why should you choose Upwardly?

Well, Upwardly is a customer-centric investment platform. There are a couple of things we would indeed appreciate about Upwardly.

Selecting the Right Fund

Every one of us focusses the best mutual fund worth the investment. How would you do that? There are over 10000 multiple mutual fund service available in India. Analysing each of them and choosing the best two or three plans that meet your needs may not an easy task.

Taking a decision from the word of mouth is another risky affair. With Upwardly, you should be able to make learned decisions. In addition to saving you time, the company can also be helpful through several other means as well. Choosing the perfect mutual fund is the first step towards achieving financial success. Upwardly is indeed a good service that would help you achieve it.

Goal-Based Decisions

We save money to achieve our goals and dreams. What is the use of the money if you are not able to put it to a proper use? Upwardly can be your ultimate tool for achieving the goal.

Goal Based Investing
Goal Based Investing

It takes into consideration the amount of investment you can make, the period of investment and the amount needed to achieve your goal. The goal can be practically anything – right from buying a home to leaving on a vacation. It will analyze the mutual funds that can help you achieve the goal with low-risk factors and thus help you achieve the goal with ease. The goal based approach would offer you a realistic account of your true worth and how much you would need to invest per month to achieve your aspirations.

Fund Calculator

Mutual Fund Calculator is one of the features we liked the most on Upwardly. The fund calculator gives you an insight into how much money you would need to invest in a Mutual fund to achieve a particular lump sum investment amount at the end of you planned tenure.

Mutual Fund Calculator
Mutual Fund Calculator

This can be helpful in arriving at the realistic goal for the monthly savings you can make with a perspective to the future and also offers you better idea about the investment that you would be accumulate for a given time period and horizon. You can also use the Fund calculator to arrive at the amount you would need to invest each month.

Mutual Funds Ranking

Upwardly uses a practical approach for ranking the Mutual Fund algorithm. In fact, the algorithm used in the calculation of the practicability of a mutual fund ensures a fair playing field for the perfect functionality of the mutual funds that galore for consumer attention.

Upwardly algorithm considers the performance that each of the mutual fund has been able to achieve in the past 5 years. Apart from that, there are several factors that are paid attention to. The prominent among them are analysis of how they could perform during volatile and tougher marketing conditions, commission for distribution, liquidity capability and the size of the fund. This can go a long way in helping you choose best mutual fund depending upon the risk factors, investment tenure and other factors that affect your investment plans in any way.

Lifelong Monitor Services

Upwardly does not leave you once you choose a fund and invest in it. The real test should start with the investment that you have made. The service helps you move ahead with wiser decisions and aids you in the future aspects as well.

You are assured of a 24 x 7 portfolio management. Periodic rebalancing of the portfolio to maximize your return should make it one of the best options for your needs. You can rely on the periodic management of your portfolio offered by Upwardly for all the needs in Mutual Fund investments including your needs to rack/switch/redeem/top up your mutual fund investment.

In Conclusion

I believe you liked our Upwardly Review. We have tried to cover the most important aspect of this platform. By any standard, Upwardly should be your best pal in your decisions towards mutual funds’ investments. The very fact that they are of practical use irrespective of whether you are well versed in the financial concepts or a newbie should make them an excellent option you can go with for the financial excellence that you can achieve.

The seamless flow of information and the functionality should make it a good option if you are looking for an investment advisor for mutual funds. Opt for their services and share your thoughts with us.

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